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Pity I won’t be in attendance…. ‘Cuz I was in school so long, didn’t hear bout the date change 😩 . Hope ya’ll have fun today. Goodluck @lizisking , bring it home for us (at 🏆EGO AWARDS)

I ran out of characters. Anyway, then she talked about how black girls aren’t real anymore and she’s the one wearing A BLONDE WIG!! Yeah, very real. She also talked bout how us blacks, we’re not a family, but the fool is publicly insulting us. She also said, we believe being fat or having body is attractive and it is not and our natural hair is ugly… She better go bleach up her skin and move to china cuz otherwise, I will find you… And i will kill you. 👿 . I had to pause my Telemundo when this video popped on my youtube recommendations 😒 stupid hoe😑 . Gotta get back to my del monte dynasty now, ciao 😊❤️👌 (at FOOL)

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